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India Tour Packages

India is among those destinations on earth which is blessed with intriguing history, exceptional culture, diverse topography and mesmerizing locations. With such alluring features India tempts tourists from all over the world and has become an eminent tourist destination. India houses amazingly alluring destinations which cannot be found anywhere else in this wide world therefore today it has become a first choice of travelers. India tour packages offer amazing tours focusing every aspect of India and its intriguing features so that our travelers can get the best of it. Some of the exciting tours that are categorized according to their special interest are leisure holidays, honeymoon tour, wildlife tours in India, beach vacation, adventure tourism, pilgrimage tours, heritage tours, etc.

India is an ideal destination and serves every tourist with incredible attractions. No matter for which purpose you are coming here you’ll surely find something interesting. India is a blend of tourist attractions which will surely satiate your desire for travelling and witnessing wonders. And we help you to get the best of India with our exclusive Indian trip packages. The aim of India trip packages is to let our customers experience the true essence of India with our special tours. It offers you a wide spectrum of Indian tour packages including golden triangle tours, cultural tours, festivals tours of India, historical tours. With this they can discover more of India and can easily comprehend the momentous attractions and different regions as well as diverse features of this incredible nation.
Golden Triangle Tours
India Tour Packages
Golden triangle tours are among our best tours that are especially designed to let you explore the cultural and traditional India by covering the three golden cities- Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

Cultural Tours
India Tour Package
These tours are specially designed to represent the enigmatic beauty of different cultures and traditions of this exclusive country. Cultural tours focuses upon fascinating features of India like folk music and dance,.
India Tour Package
Rajasthan Tours
India Tours Packages
Come and behold the enigmatic beauty of the magnificent desert state and experience the royalty of the locals with fascinating natural landscape at the backdrop. Do savor the outstanding cuisines while touring as it will doubles up the pleasure of travelling.
Tour Packages India
Short Tours
India Tour Packages
Short tours are some of the special tours which exceptionally cover some of the most beautiful tourist destinations of India within a short period of time. With short tours you can choose the destinations as per your taste and interests.

South India Tours
India Tours Packages
South India tours cover the most enchanting destinations of the South and let you experience the enigmatic beauty of South India. Witness the breathtaking monuments, exotic wildlife, alluring beaches and some bewitching natural wonders with South India tours.
Taj Mahal Tours
India Tours Packages
Taj Mahal tour will let you experience the magnificent grandeur of the eternal symbol of love – the Taj Mahal. The splendor of this international wonder is beyond comparison so come and behold its beauty in person.

Luxury Train Tours
Explore the majestic destinations of India in the most royal way with our exclusive luxury train journey. Experience the affluent lifestyle of royal India with our special luxury train tours. Touring India via this train ensures pleasure and fun throughout.
Kerala Tours
Behold the enchanting natural opulence of Kerala which affirms to be a perfect holiday destination and bestows bewitching landscapes with peaceful environment. The scenic beauty includes the sandy beaches, unique Kerala backwaters, and much more.
Wildlife Tours
tour packages of india
The tours under this topic are just perfect for wildlife enthusiast as the wildlife tours feature the most amazing aspect of India - its wildlife. The tour will let you familiarize with the exotic wild species of India amidst their natural habitat.
Himalayan Tours
tour packages india
Himalayan tours will let you experience the most beautiful destinations amidst the enchanting valleys of Himalayas. Via this tour you will come across the most beautiful landscapes which will mesmerize you with ineffable charm.
Beaches Tours
The tour comprises the most beautiful beach destinations present in India. It exceptionally covers Goa, Kerala, Andaman and some other prominent destination which with beautiful beaches mesmerize you with its bewitching landscape too.
India beyond Tours
india trip package
With this tour you’ll get to witness the alluring beauty of India combined with amazing destinations beyond Indian boundary like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bhutan.

Buddhist Tours
india trips packages
Buddhist tour takes you on a journey replete with destinations that are renowned for its spiritual significance. The tour exceptionally covers the famous Buddhist destinations of the country like eminent Buddhist schools, monasteries etc.
Special Interest Tours
trip packages of india
Special interest tours offer you an exceptional tour package that includes almost all of India’s prominent and significant features like cultural, natural, historical, etc. and forms a complete package.

Ayurvedic/ Spa Tours
The tour focuses upon the science of life - Ayurveda and takes you to a journey which is dominated by eminent Indian resorts and places that offers you wide-ranging facilities and services for spa and Ayurveda, health & fitness assessments, body composition analysis etc.
Yoga Tours
India Tour Packages
India is a treasure house of yoga & meditation and this tour will let you experience the peaceful & spiritual art of yoga. The tour comprises the destinations that are eminent for their yoga and meditation centers.
Pilgrimage Tours
trip packages india
This exclusive tour will take you to a journey that highlights the spiritual significance of India. The tour covers the best of religious destinations in India like Char Dam Yatra, Shirdi saibaba, Amarnath Yatra, Tirupathi Balaji, Vaishno Devi, etc.

Golden triangle tours are among our specialties. In golden triangle tours, the travelers cover the three most wondrous cities of our country- Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Moreover, cultural tours cover some renowned destinations highlighting our Indian culture and traditions. The festivals and fairs of India educate the travelers on various traditional values and religious significance. Therefore travel to India and educate yourself via these festivals and fairs and comprehend this spiritual country. We do organize special festival tours on the duration of these festivals in India. There are a lot of intriguing festivals and fairs like Pushkar fair of Rajasthan, kite festival in Jaipur, Goa carnival etc.

Besides the cultural significance India is rich in natural opulence too. And get the best of its natural bounty one should definitely visit Kerala - “Switzerland of India’. Eminent as “God’s Own Country”, Kerala is a land natural beauty with housing mesmerizing backwater stretches, exotic wildlife swaying paddy fields, emerald highlands panoramic landscapes and pristine beaches. The Vembanad Lake is an enchanting picnic spot in Kerala that is rated as most fascinating location. It is among the best places to enjoy boating, fishing and sightseeing. You’ll get almost all types of distinguishing India tour packages and that too suiting your budget.

India trip packages exceptionally allow the tourist to explore its prime culture and history via its attractive tours. India tours elegantly cover the prime destinations of this enchanting nation like Delhi, Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Agra, etc. With all this we assure you that you’ll get an extra-ordinary holiday experience with us.

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