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Cultural Dancers in traditional headgear in Mizoram Mizoram is one of the seven sister states in the north-eastern India. On February 20, 1987, it became the 23rd state of the country. According to the 2011 census report, Mizoram comes second to Kerala in terms of literacy rate. It has 91.58% literacy rate and scores approximately 93.4% in sanitation. Mizoram also has 2nd highest rank in the area of urbanisation in India with 22 towns included. Peaceful Mizoram is the combination of former North and South Lushai hill districts. The natural beauty of Mizoram includes a bunch of softly speaking pines and old-fashioned villages with houses on stilts.

Mizoram state has boundaries with countries Myanmar and Bangladesh, and with states Assam, Manipur and Tripura. It has a pleasant temperature throughout the year due to its geographical location. The tropic of cancer just crosses the middle of the state. 'The Blue Mountain' is the highest peak of Mizoram having a height of 2165 metres. The region has numerous sudden hills and deep gorges. Tlawang, Sonai, Tuivawl, Kolodine and Kamaphuli are the major rivers that flow across the region. Modification and development in the state helped in handling the arrivals of domestic and foreign visitors. Religious and cultural centre of the Mizos (Highlanders) is Aizawl. Other main attractions are Vantang fall, Tamdil, Thenzawlare and Champai. Farming is the main occupation of Mizo people. The pattern of jhum or shifting agriculture is followed in the state. Fibreless ginger cultivated in Mizoram is famous. Other major crops are Paddy, maize, sugarcane, mustard, potatoes and sesame.

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