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Beaches in Gujarat

Gujarat, the vibrant state, has the longest seashore of the country which measures more than 1,660 km. This state has many visual delights including splendid locations attractive landscapes, several architectural wonders and pilgrim centres for many religions. Gujarat has many famous beaches like Diu Beach, Chorward, Somnath & Veraval beach, Beyt Dwarka and many more. Beyt Dwarka is an aesthetic beach where as Chorward is the best beach for quiet holidays and long walks on the beach. Fascinating Portuguese forts, beach palaces, princely port cities and shore temples were once the part of the coast but now, only the ruins exist.

Gujarat Beaches, the jewels of the coastline of Gujarat, have picturesque beauty, full of birds and remaining of several historical buildings, which display the magnificence of this coastline.

:: Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach :: Beyt Dwarka Beach :: Porbandar Beach
:: Chorwad Beach
:: Diu Beach :: Somnath & Veraval Beach
:: Gopnath Beach
:: Kutch-Mandvi Beach

Tourist enjoying boat ride at Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach, Gujarat:: About 288 km away from Ahmedabad, Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is one of the best Gujarat Beaches. Here, colourful fishing hamlets, the charming blue waters, sandy beaches, abundance of marine life are the major sea attractions. Water scooting, skiing, surfing, parasailing and speed boating are some of the water sports adventures offered by this attractive and enjoyable beach.

A palm tree overlooking sea at Beyt Dwarka Beach, Gujarat:: Beyt Dwarka Beach is an isolated island called Beyt Dwarka, in Dwarka, wihere people comes to visit from the seafront of Okha. A ferry or a small boat takes around half an hour to reach the Beyt Dwarka seafront, the separation between the Okha land portion and the Beyt Dwarka Island being that of around four kilometers. The island is separated by a strip of sea about 4 kms wide.

Beyt Dwarka Beach, Gujarat:: Chorwad Beach located 66 km from Junagadh and 23 km from the fishing centre of Veraval, Chorwad is a delightful beach with it's resort on the sunny coast of Gujarat. An excellent road connects it to Junagadh, Girnar, the Gir Forest Sanctuary and the famous temple of somnath. There are trains from Ahmedabad to Chorwad road station.

Travelers enjoying recreational activities at Diu Beach, Gujarat:: Diu Beach is a real pleasant surprise across the bridge from Ahmedpur-Mandvi, situated 125 kms from Junagadh having pleasant spot with soft sands, wondrous waters, swaying coconut canopies, captivating churches and fantastic forts.

Lighthouse can be seen at Gopnath Beach, Gujarat:: Gopnath Beach 75 kms from Bhavnagar, beautiful sea coast with it’s spectacular limestone cliffs and amazing vistas, sea breezes and colourful birdlife. The Gopnath beach has lovely, soft sands for walking and shallow shore waters for wading, but the high tidal variance of the coast, makes the water murky and not very inviting for a long swim.

Flock of birds wading at Kutch-Mandvi Beach , Gujarat:: Another popular beach of the state is the Kutch Mandvi Beach, located 60 km far from Bhuj. A prominent sea port in the past, Kutch Mandvi served as a trading post between the Far East and the Near East. Colourful fishing points, different species of birds and sandy beaches are the major ornaments of the beach. Near the beach is a dock where the construction of wooden ships is done.

Aerial view of Porbandar Beach, Gujarat:: Porbandar beach is located in between the Veraval and Dwarka, and it is located on the South-east coastline. Even in present day, fish drying is the main occupation here and the old age Dhows are still constructed. Those who are not too demanding about beaches, consider this the best beach for spending their leisure time.

:: Somnath & Veraval Beach the beach is unshaded but lovely, one can enjoy cool, fresh coconuts, camel rides and splash of the waves as one walk along the shore. Just 6 kms from Somnath, Veraval was a fortified port town of the royal family of Junagadh. Dependent on fishing and boat building, it has, to a great extent, retained a life of its own independent.

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