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India Tours aims at endowing you an unforgettable journey to India – A country which is an elegant abode of the world’s oldest civilization which was christened as Indus valley civilization. With such a strong legendary background, India stands as a hub of fascinating historical monuments and sensational mausoleums with various other intriguing facets. Some of the most eminent edifices that stand as a witness to India’s unbelievable history are Taj Mahal, Red fort, Humayun’s tomb, Qutub Minar, Gate-way-of India, Char Minar, the temples of South India and Khajuraho etc. The significant ruins of Nalanda and Mohenjo-Daro settlements make it a perfect destination for archeologist and Historians. India has carefully preserved its startling heritage as well as its compelling culture. A visit to this enchanting country will surely spell bound you with its exhilarating charm and destinations replete with intriguing attractions. Most of the world is aware about the fact that India is a diverse nation and this is what makes it stand apart from other wealthy nations of the world. You can explore the confluence of many religions, customs and traditions at a single place. Every region of this country is beautiful and is significant for some or the other reason. Every region is special and endows a completely different picture from others. Regions are different, religions are different even castes are different but still there is love and caring as if they all are one. This is what makes India a completely stimulating nation from the world.

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Besides the detailed diversity, there are many unique reasons which sincerely contribute in making this nation beautiful and unsurpassed. One of which is its natural wealth. India has one of the awseome terrains in the world which is decorated with nature’s opulence. India is blessed with almost all of nature’s appealing marvels from hills to beaches, snow to desert, and waterfalls to lakes. Apart from that no other country in the world can compete with its booming flora and fauna. It exclusively inhabits several endangered and rare species of mammals, reptiles and avian life. To preserve its exotic wildlife, Indian Government has taken many initiatives. Various national parks and wild life sanctuaries have been built to preserve them. With this you can explore the authentic natural beauty as well as spot the attractive wild life in action. The famous wild species which India proudly houses are Royal Bengal tigers, Asian lions, leopards, rhinoceros and many other mammals with brilliant bird species too. The one-horned Rhinoceros is only found in Kaziranga National Park in India. Besides them Indian flora provides a pleasant range of options such as: Medical tourism, Eco Tourism etc.

India sideswipes all other standard destinations of the world with its fascinating history, enormous physical diversity, clear cut dimensions, revolutionary legacy, priceless civilization, traditional spiritualism, vibrant festivals and fairs, music and dances, terrific cuisines and much more interesting features. With all of the updated aspects, your Trip to India would surely be a thrilling occurrence of your life where you can enjoy exceptional activities folk music and dance, mountaineering, paragliding, trekking, skiing, river rafting, scuba diving, camping, wind surfing etc.

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